Yes, alfredo CAN be healthy

One of Garden of Esther's core convictions is that pasta is in fact healthy. Chefs and diners may choose to make it unhealthy by drowning it in fatty, sugary sauces or by eating enough for several people, but our fresh pasta starts out as a bona fide health food, whether it's our vegan, traditional, or gluten-free varieties.

The key to including fresh pasta in a healthy eating plan is in the preparation. And if you have any doubts about your own ability to create exciting and delicious meals from our fresh pasta, look no further than Sealantro.

Sealantro Gourmet Healthy Prepared Meals designs, creates, and even delivers meals for all kinds of diets. Owner Jayne Withers is a holistic health practitioner with a particular interest in nutrition and Sealantro was born from a desire to provide the healthy meals she was recommending for her weight loss clients.

Sealantro is in the middle of a 21 day jump start to healthy eating and weight loss program and one of the recent meals they created began with Garden of Esther fresh pasta. With co-owner, husband, and chef Michael, Jayne whipped up a scrumptious fettuccine alfredo.

But fettuccine alfredo is one of the least healthy meals on the planet, isn't it?

Not when Sealantro makes it - this is a VEGAN alfredo! It's entirely plant based, the sauce as well as the Garden of Esther fresh pasta.

If you're wondering how anyone can make a healthy alfredo sauce, don't bother. Get in touch with Jayne and you can be eating stuff like this for dinner every night, all while losing weight and feeling better.

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Yummmmm, fettuccine alfredo you don't have to feel guilty about

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Sealantro owners Jayne and Michael

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Jayne has even written a book - about how to eat healthy while traveling

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