Why Esther is making a Feed a Neighbor donation to Cleveland Clinic Emergency Room

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Most Garden of Esther blog posts are written from the "we" and "us" point of view because although it's my name, Garden of Esther is very much a team effort. It wouldn't be here if I weren't surrounded by supportive people.

Most GoE blog posts talk a lot about . . . pasta! After all, that is what we do here - make the highest quality, freshest pasta from locally-sourced ingredients.

This post will be a little different.

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Freshly-made spaghetti, just for the Cleveland Clinic

I made this batch of spaghetti with some very specific people in mind - the emergency room nurses at the Cleveland Clinic. Here's why:

Several weeks ago, I was working out and I fell. I fell hard.

It was so bad that I had to go to the emergency room at the Cleveland Clinic.

Knees banged up. Shoulder bruised. Right wrist sprained. Left wrist fractured.

Aside from the personal hassle, inconvenience, and pain, this had the potential to be a serious problem for someone whose business is all about making handcrafted fresh pasta. I barely had half a hand and I really needed two.

I wound up with TEN screws in my arm!

You could probably drive a truck across my new arm now and it would hold up fine.

The nurses in the Cleveland Clinic ER were phenomenal. Truth be told, it was a little scary having someone say that I'd broken one wrist and sprained the other - how was I going to . . . do . . . anything? Eat? Brush my teeth? Text? Make pasta?

I had one week where I was pretty much out of commission, although in a strange silver lining, it coincided with the beginning of the coronavirus closures. I picked the perfect week to not be able to make pasta - the world was upside down!

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
At times during physical therapy, I felt like the Bionic Woman!

Since then, my recovery has gone well, although of course not as quickly as I'd like. I won't lie - making pasta with one hand was exhausting, frustrating, and more time-consuming than usual. I needed to rest frequently. I hate resting.

I'm much happier getting things done instead of sitting quietly and recuperating. But I didn't let it slow me down too much.

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Doing one of the first Farmers Market Drop Offs - with a cast!

Most of us don't think about health care until we need it and I am no exception. My tumble and subsequent medical care could have had me laid up for weeks, and as a small business owner, that could have been catastrophic. Someone has to handcraft the pasta and that someone is me.

But I was lucky - the ER nurses at Cleveland Clinic provided such excellent care that I was only down and out for days, not weeks, thereby allowing my business to continue nearly unimpacted.

Delivering fresh pasta to SeaLantro a few weeks after my fall. This cast was much easier to deal with than the first one.

I'll probably have a nasty scar on my arm for the rest of my life.

But what I'll also have is Garden of Esther. I've poured my heart and soul into making fresh pasta for the last (almost) two years. The community has embraced and supported me beyond expectation. That could have all been gone because I fell while exercising.

Vero Beach is lucky in so many ways - and having the Cleveland Clinic here is yet another. It is just one of the many local institutions devoted to helping others in need - not just during the coronavirus, but every day of the year.

So this week I am saying thank you by sending $100 worth of Feed a Neighbor fresh pasta meals to the nurses in the Cleveland Clinic emergency room. They helped me keep my pasta-making business, so it seems only fitting to give some of it back to them.

Thank you, Cleveland Clinic ER!

P.S. If you are interested in saying thank you to a local organization that helps those in need, visit our Feed a Neighbor page and you can donate meals, too.


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