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Updated: May 7, 2019

You know the Beatles song refrain, "I get by with a little help from my friends"? I'm not sure what John and Paul were thinking because I know I'd never get by without A RIDICULOUSLY HUGE AMOUNT of help from my dream team.

Vero Beach local fresh pasta
My "I couldn't do it without you" team - Alberto, Suzie, and Susan

Last week, as one small way of saying, "thank you" to Alberto, Suzie (on my near right in the picture), and Susan, I took them out to dinner to one of my favorite local restaurants. You'll never guess where - Vincent's! A fourth team member is missing from this photo; Jennifer, my website designer/manager, works her magic for me all the way from Arizona (but we will get her here someday).

We started with some apps . . .

The antipasto board at Vincent's is perfect for sharing.

Someone had a craving for fried mozzarella. I'm not saying who! ;)

Vincent's is, at heart, a pizza restaurant, so of course we had to have some of that. When in Rome, right?

You know I'm all about the pasta, but pizza is a very close second

And, well, Vincent's was serving my new saffron pappardelle and we all ordered it. (I promise - I told them they could order whatever they wanted!)

But the point of the dinner - and this post - is not actually the food (although it was of course delicious).

The last several months have been exhilarating, joyous, and immensely gratifying. To have an idea and watch it bloom, grow, thrive, and exceed your expectations is an absolutely extraordinary experience. The flip side of that coin has included moments of stress, self-doubt, frustration, and exhaustion. The entire business starts and stops with me.

BUT - and I really mean a giant BUT - Garden of Esther would've spread no further than my own kitchen table without an awful lot of help from some key people. Alberto, Suzie, Susan, and Jennifer are those key people.

When I say help, I mean tangible, hands-on help. Suzie, Susan, and Alberto have been on their feet for hours beside me slaving over a pasta extruder, washed the endless dishes, helped with spreadsheets and the books, driven me all over the county, manned (or womanned) farmers market booths, and done countless other thankless tasks - all to help me get this crazy idea off the ground and out into the world. Jennifer spent weeks building this awesome website you're looking at and is in touch with me almost daily to keep it that way. (You can find her business website here.) Trust me when I say they are not in it for the money.

Most of my blog posts are written from the "we" point of view - we did this or we did that. My own name may be in the business name, but in no way is this a solo adventure. I have a spectacular team of people running around behind me, helping me keep all the balls I'm juggling up in the air. Technically, I may be a "solopreneur," but there is nothing solo about Garden of Esther. John and Paul figured it out early in their careers - no one succeeds alone.

And it is these four souls who keep me going. Alberto, Suzie, Susan, and Jennifer - thank you. Next time you see one of them at a farmers market, know that they are the magical team behind the curtain.

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