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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

One of the many challenges of starting a new business is making a website. Sure, it's easier now than it was even five years ago, but you're kind of too busy DOING the business to devote hours to learning how to make a website. And you certainly don't have thousands of dollars to hand over to a big city website design firm.

Which is why I was so happy to find Jennifer Walker at Take The Next Step. I first read about her in an article sent to me by my best friend in New York - you can read it here. Jennifer specializes in websites for women entrepreneurs. She listens to you talk about what you do, asks you insightful questions, and then weaves it all into not one but two websites for you to choose from, all at a reasonable price. She is smart, responsive, and professional, plus she's a terrific writer. And she's genuinely excited to help you realize your dream.

Not only does she create websites, she also maintains them for you afterwards. Plus she can manage your customer newsletters, design brochures and flyers, and handle any kind of marketing-related project you have. She is attentive, always available, and is happy to help with any questions you throw at her, no matter how silly; one of the things I most appreciate is that she always gives her honest opinion when you share ideas with her.

All of that means I have been free to focus on my business - making fresh pasta for you!

Thank you, Jennifer, for doing such a great job with the Garden of Esther website.

If you're a woman with a new business and you're feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling your own website, get in touch with Jennifer. (Check out her website, takethenextstep.design or find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.)

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