Top 6 health benefits of Garden of Esther traditional pasta

There's white pasta out of a box from the grocery store, and there's fresh Garden of Esther wheat pasta, and trying to compare the two is like comparing apples and oranges.

Don't let decades-old misinformation about pasta keep you from enjoying it. Our fresh pasta is absolutely part of a healthy diet. Here's how:

1. No sodium. Salt is never part of our recipes!

2. Semolina wheat is high in protein. Protein can reduce hunger and help with weight loss and muscle gain, plus it's key to keeping your hair and nails in tip-top shape.

3. Semolina is rich in B vitamins. The eight B vitamins do a long list of things for your body, but in general, they keep your energy levels where they belong.

4. Semolina also contains selenium, an antioxidant, so it helps protect against disease.

5. Semolina is high in iron. Lack of iron in your diet can result in fatigue as well as immune-related issues.

6. Pasta fills you up, leaving you with no room left for stuff like potato chips and ice cream. Fresh pasta is particularly filling - a full serving is only a few ounces.

Fresh pasta is even faster and easier to prepare than boxed pasta. It cooks in less than five minutes and tastes great when prepared simply - drizzle it with some olive oil, pair it with fish and vegetables, and voila. You're already healthier just thinking about it!

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Not just healthy - colorful, too!

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