Thank you for the 5-star Google review, Konny F!

There is a special place in our hearts for new fans. We feel so grateful for a recent 5-star Google review from new customer Konny F that we had to share an excerpt from it with you:

"Today I tried the pepperoncini linguine with scallops. Pasta has a nice 'kick' to it, wonderful texture, and overall . . . delicious meal."

Cloth napkin! Not only adds an air of elegance and civility but is also better for the environment than disposable. Nice!

Konny started with a package of our pepperoncini linguine. Some people are surprised to learn that this pasta flavor has a little zip to it. If you've been eating it from a box all your life - surprise! - pasta can and does have a flavor all of its own. It's not meant to be just a backdrop for the rest of the meal!

Konny then roasted some scallops with a scattering of green onions, cherry tomatoes, and shredded cheddar cheese.

And it looks like he garnished with some of The Golden Lion Key Lime Tartar Sauce - which we just learned is another local-to-Florida creation that hails from Flagler Beach (a few hours up the coast).

We're guessing this entire gourmet meal took well under 30 minutes to prepare. Meals that start with fresh pasta can be fast, easy, healthy, and delicious - so be sure to come find us at the next farmers market!

Many thanks to Konny F for the rave review! Stay tuned to find out what else he created with Garden of Esther fresh pasta.


Bringing the garden to you . . . pasta-style!

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