Tempted by the Devil for Dinner - Citron Bistro's Fra Diablo

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

What do you get when you mix Garden of Esther fresh pepperoncini rigatoni with Citron Bistro?

You get a plateful of spicy fabulousness - Seafood Fra Diablo. Citron Bistro usually makes a shrimp fra diablo and we can't get enough of it. Love the spice!

We all know that a Fra Diablo sauce is going to pack some heat, but where does the name come from? We confess that we wound up in a bit of an internet rabbit hole on the "fra diablo," but our searching left us without any definite conclusions.

But we did glean several factoids which are not particularly verifiable. Don't make any big bets on these being true but certainly share them over dinner with friends:

- Fra Diablo is a common rendering of this dish's other name, Fra Diavolo.

- Fra Diavolo can be translated, from the Italian, as either "Brother Devil" or "Between Devil."

- Diablo is actually the Spanish word for "Devil."

Whichever name you prefer, no one seems to be sure if it was invented in the US or somewhere around the Mediterranean.

What we CAN verify as true, though, are these tidbits:

- Citron Bistro makes a Fra Diablo that you do NOT want to miss. It is a spicy hot masterpiece!

- Garden of Esther helps turn up the heat with our fresh pepperoncini rigatoni (and don't forget we source those peppers from local farmers).

Citron Bistro is open for dining in - reservations accepted - and take-out, so you could be eating this gorgeous and delectable dinner within minutes of reading this. They get rave reviews for ambiance, friendly staff, and terrific food, so you can't lose.

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
It's so spicy you can almost taste it from here

Vero Beach fresh pasta
Our pepperoncini rigatoni on its way to Citron

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
That "homemade pasta" on the Citron menu? That's us!

Citron Bistro

Village Shops of Vero Beach

6260 Florida A1A

Vero Beach, FL 32963

Open Daily

11am - 3pm for lunch


5pm - 8pm for dinner


Sunday Brunch 9am - 3pm (Sundays)

772-231-6556 (reservations suggested)



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