Taking care of schools - another angle on sustainability

In the frenzy of the hurricane and our departure for Italy, I didn't have a moment to share with you our donation to the SDIRC - School District of Indian River County.

All sorts of things are disrupted when a hurricane is bearing down on us and schools are no exception. It's not just a rush for gasoline and canned goods. Schools close, families evacuate, shelters open. But who sticks around to staff the shelters?

Turns out, plenty of school personnel do.

That caring spirit that calls people to work at a school also calls them to take care of others in the face of impending disaster. And we all know none of them are in it for the money. They're just good people devoted to kids and, by extension, their families.

As it became apparent that Dorian was not going to devastate our slice of paradise, a call went out on social media - what local businesses can donate to show support for these big-hearted school district employees? Who can help feed them? (Cristen Maddux, a lifelong Vero Beach resident, made sure everyone was taken care of and deserves a shout-out of thanks.)

Many local restaurants stepped up - including Garden of Esther.

Being part of a community means taking care of the people who put their own lives on hold to take care of others. And yet another reason to live and shop local - it's usually these small local businesses that help out a teacher, sponsor a kids' sports team, and reinvest their money and energy in the community. And helping a school is a no-brainer - it's literally where our future is emerging, minute by minute, person by person. And isn't that what sustainability is all about - taking care of our future?

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