Squid Ink??

Here at Garden of Esther, we pride ourselves on sourcing as many of our ingredients as possible from local suppliers. Eggs, beets, peppers, and other vegetables all come from farmers who are also neighbors (when they don't come from our own garden).

Squid ink, however, is not something we grow in our backyard, and nor does anyone else!

Squid ink is not a euphemism for something else - it is actually harvested from squids (cephalopods, if we're being technical). It's a common ingredient in Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines, where it is often used as a food coloring.

Not only does it impart a deep, inky black color along with a hint of savory taste, but it is also believed to provide an array of potential health benefits. It is a suspected anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory agent, plus some research implies it even reduces tumor size.

We have no medical team on staff yet to thoroughly research these possibilities, but in the meantime we do know that our squid ink pasta makes a striking, dramatic appearance on any dinner plate and it tastes awfully good, too.

So if you've been unsure about trying our squid ink pasta, hesitate no more! Fortune favors the bold!

Vero Beach fresh local pasta
You're not getting pasta this gorgeous out of any cardboard box at the grocery store!

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