Spotlight on a local talent: Chef Omar Ocasio

So you have an upcoming special event in your life - an important family dinner, an anniversary, something outside the norm. You don't want to be in a restaurant setting, but catering feels like overkill. And you certainly don't want to do the shopping and cooking yourself. What to do?

Hire a personal chef!

And have we got one for you - Chef Omar Ocasio.

After a childhood spent cooking alongside his grandmother in Puerto Rico, Chef Omar has spent over a dozen years working in Florida's kitchens offering truly magical dishes. In his own words, "food is art."

In fact, you may have already run into his talents at The Wave Kitchen & Bar (at the Costa d'Este resort), where he fashioned "wine dinners" - menus specially prepared to enhance specific wines and served to an exclusive and eager audience.

Leaning heavily on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, Chef Omar doesn't just cook - he creates. His modern, innovative approach to Caribbean and Latin dishes has been described as "absolutely amazing."

Garden of Esther recently had the chance to provide Chef Omar with some of our fresh pasta and we were thrilled to see what he imagined for us.

First up was our saffron bucatini under one of Chef Omar's specialities - seafood paella. Saffron is a common ingredient in seafood paella but it was Chef Omar's idea to use our saffron pasta to really bump it up a notch. And just look at how pretty it is!

A few days after this, he asked for our rigatoni . . . . looks almost too good to eat!

Chef Omar has a passion for the craft of cooking and it shows in all of his dishes.

From delicate starters . . .

To hearty architectural main dishes . . .

And even show-stopping desserts . . .

When you're ready for an evening of exceptional, innovative Caribbean cuisine, prepared just for you by an up-and-coming local superstar, get in touch with Chef Omar. You're in for an unforgettable treat - especially if you ask for a meal with Garden of Esther fresh pasta, of course. :)

(You can message him here, through his Facebook page.)

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