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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Has your life been a wee bit turned upside down lately? You're not alone.

No matter what is going on in the world, though, you still have to eat.

Luckily for all of us, that doesn't mean canned beans and ramen. You can eat easy, healthy, prepared meals courtesy of SeaLantro. You'll even find Garden of Esther pasta in some of them.

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Start with some Garden of Esther fresh linguine . . .

Vero Beach fresh pasta
SeaLantro prepares our pasta for take-out and delivery . . .

Vero Beach fresh pasta
And pairs it with a pattypan and butternut squash au vin, for a vegan take on coq au vin. Available at SeaLantro now!

SeaLantro has been working hard to debut their new storefront on 6th Avenue, and they've at long last opened their doors.

And although they are not open for dining-in, out of an abundance of caution for the public, they are offering daily delivery, take-out, and curbside service.

If stress makes you reach for a bag of cookies, reach for the phone instead and order yourself some healthy prepared SeaLantro Meals.

If in these crazy times you're struggling to maintain your paleo/keto/vegan diet, SeaLantro has you covered.

Healthy eating can be this simple!

Vero Beach fresh pasta
A previous GoE dish at SeaLantro was this delicious chicken parmesan with fresh linguine and marinara

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
All of SeaLantro's meals are available for take-out, curbside pick-up, or delivery.

In this week's menu, you'll find Garden of Esther vegan spinach linguine, and in prior weeks we've provided SeaLantro with an array of fresh pastas including lasagna sheets and traditional linguine.

Vero Beach fresh pasta
Garden of Esther provided lasagna sheets . . .

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
And SeaLantro turned them into a mouth-watering sweet potato lasagna (and side salad).

Vero Beach fresh pasta
Maintaining your social distance? SeaLantro now offering curbside pick-up in addition to their usual delivery option.

Working from home?

Kids underfoot?

Older parents you'd rather didn't go to the store?

No time or mental energy to cook?

Just want to sit with a delicious, healthy meal while you Netflix with a glass of wine?

SeaLantro is here for you. Give them a call. They will take care of you.


2060 6th Avenue

Vero Beach


Keep an eye on the SeaLantro Facebook page for the most current info about offerings and availability.


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