Savor the savings!

Please tell me you already know about the Treasure Coast Savor Dining Club! Started by the same food-lovers behind Vero Beach Foodie and Vero Vine, the Treasure Coast Savor Dining Club is a members-only discount program that delivers all sorts of discounts and freebies at dozens of area restaurants. If you eat out with any regularity, you'll want to get in on this. (You get the play on words, right - savor the food, save some money. So clever!)

Look at all the places that participate!

Treasure Coast Savor dines out quite a bit, of course, and is dedicated to our local food scene. They recently ate at one of our favorite Vero Beach institutions - Vincent's - and look what they found for dinner! Garden of Esther spinach ziti!

Our thanks to Vincents and Treasure Coast Savor! Now the only challenge is to choose just one place to have dinner tonight. . . .


Bringing the garden to you . . . pasta-style!

In and around Vero Beach, Florida

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To learn more about Esther's journey to the world of fresh from the garden pasta, read here.

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