Save the planet, one dinner at a time

We are only one small business in one small town in one corner of one country on this planet, but one of the guiding principles of Garden of Esther is sustainability. There is no point in making gobs of money if there won't be anywhere to live to spend it. (Nope, we're not making gobs of money!)

If you've been with us from the beginning, you know that we got started with a small organic garden in my own backyard, a garden I began because I like to know where my food comes from. Tied to that idea is a commitment to taking care of our planet, which in turn is tied in to living local as much as possible.

Wanting your food to be produced locally and wanting to take care of our only planet are two principles which go together both philosophically and financially. It makes good business sense for me to buy from my Vero Beach neighbors - like beets from Bertie Hogan and peppers from Stephen Maresca.

Another part of our commitment to sustainability is our packaging. I haven't yet found anyone nearby who can supply me with this, but I still make a point of putting as much of our pasta into sustainable packaging as I can.

You can see our biodegradable clamshells in the photos below. Look carefully at the stack of empties and you can see it says, "made from plants" and "compostable." These boxes started in the earth and they can return to the earth. Most plastics take literally hundreds of years to biodegrade, but in a commercial composting facility, these will decompose in about six MONTHS!

Good pasta and good for the earth. This might be our favorite partnership yet.

Vero Beach local fresh pasta
Plant based and compostable - so glad to be using these

Vero Beach local fresh pasta
Our biodegradable clamshell packages all lined up at Rhonda's Seafood

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