Salsa Fresca - on your doorstep with Farmers Market Drop Off

Updated: Jul 28

You're home now. You're probably home a lot right now. The snack food is practically calling to you at all hours of the day and night.

No matter how tempted you are, don't eat the frosting right out of the can. But you can snack to your heart and stomach's content if you do so in a healthy way.

And that's where Salsa Fresca comes in.

Salsa Fresca started out just as the Rice Family's salsa recipe. But whenever they took their salsa anywhere, or had friends and family over to enjoy it with them, they all said, "This is so fantastic you need to share it with the world!"

So four years ago Marilu and David Rice decided to do just that. With their kids helping after school and on weekends, they launched Salsa Fresca to the Vero Beach community.

100% of their ingredients are locally sourced and magically combined into the most delicious and freshest tasting salsa you've ever had. Like all the best family recipes, the Salsa Fresca recipe is a secret. But take a look inside any jar of Salsa Fresca - it comes in Mild and Hot versions - and you'll see a veritable summer garden looking back at you.

Don't make the mistake of seeing merely a jar of salsa though. Yes you can eat this with your favorite tortilla chips, but it has so many more possibilities. Of course we think you should try it on our fresh pasta - it is terrific in a cold pasta salad. You can serve it alongside steak, or chicken, or rice, too. The summer-garden-in-a-jar taste goes with just about anything.

These are strange times we are all living through and the Rice Family is missing the fun and camaraderie they found at the Oceanside Vero Beach Farmers Market. That's why they are so excited to participate in the Farmers Market Drop Off - there's nothing that makes life seem more normal for them than being able to continue getting their salsa to your kitchen.

They've been touched and thrilled by the outpouring of support from the farmers market community these last several weeks and can't wait to see everyone in person again. But in the meantime, like many of us, they are grateful for the extra time they get to spend together as a family.

Salsa Fresca is healthy, delicious, fresh, and local - and you can have it delivered to your doorstep with Farmers Market Drop Off. You just have to order by 6pm Thursday for a Saturday delivery. What are you waiting for?

We can almost smell the cilantro . . .

Salsa Fresca is hoping to see you at the farmers market again - soon!

By the pool or by the ocean, it's the perfect warm-weather snack


Bringing the garden to you . . . pasta-style!

In and around Vero Beach, Florida

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