Restaurant fatigue

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but all this traveling does create a little bit of . . . "restaurant fatigue." Have you ever experienced restaurant fatigue while on vacation?

Every single meal is an event that requires making a plan and making a decision. Whether you're traveling alone, as a couple, or in a larger group, this can sometimes seem so onerous that not eating at all can feel a whole lot easier. This doesn't even include the decisions you have to make once faced with a menu.

Every single meal requires you to be dressed and presentable. There's no lounging in your pajamas, eating cereal while standing over the sink. Instead you have to wear shoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Every single meal is just . . . more. You have to travel to the restaurant, you have to smile and engage with the waitstaff, it almost certainly costs more, and you are served a volume and variety of food you seldom make in your own kitchen.

And dessert is an option at nearly every meal!

Hence "restaurant fatigue."

We did have several home cooked meals while in Codroipo and that kept "RF" at bay, but after being in Milan for a few days we could feel it creeping up on us.

How do you treat RF? You go to the local grocery store and bring it back to your hotel room/AirBnB! And that can be wonderful food experience, too, here in Italy.

These first few photos are from a little grocery store/deli called Peck. Totally unlike an American grocery store, Peck felt more like a specialty food establishment. Like so many, many places in Italy, it had the display of fresh pasta:

And the produce section was magnificent - basket upon basket of fresh fruits and vegetables. Given the small size of the store overall, the produce took up a much larger percentage of the space than it would have in the States.

And how cute is this? This was one of the dishes we got as takeout and it's wrapped up like a present. This is yet another one of those little indicators of how seriously Italy takes its food. Yes, I'm getting takeout, but eating is still an occasion to be celebrated and they turn a basic foil container into something fun and festive. Because food is that important!

Just like the restaurant food is terrific, grocery takeout food is also better in Italy. We were trying hard to combat our RF in Milan, so here is another meal we brought home.

And a simple cup of coffee, sitting on the couch, was heavenly. Coffee is a national pasttime in Italy and sometimes that's just overwhelming.

Did I eat these meals in my pajamas? I'm not telling! But I definitely took my shoes off. Vacation is hard work. Sometimes you have to stay in and recuperate. ;)

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