Ravioli, ravioli, and more ravioli

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

While staying in Codroipo, I had the chance to learn how to make ravioli from a bona fide expert - Abi Pastificio Artigianale. His pasta is truly a work of art and I was thrilled for the chance to learn alongside him.

This photo is the end result of my time with Abi. These ravioli he and I made taste even better than they look. I wish you could taste it through the picture! It felt pretty good to spend the day learning how to make these and finally sitting at the end of the day and getting to eat them.

There is an elegance and distinction to Abi's work that you don't often see in food. It's like going to a black tie event of pasta:

I got to spend two days with Abi. The first was devoted to creating the dough and the filling. The individual dough colors are sent through the pasta sheeter again and again and then rolled and layered together to create the circular patterns. The second day was all about filling and shaping the dough.

All the dough goes through this wonderful machine repeatedly until it is fine and delicate and ready to be filled and shaped.

Yes, we are making each individual ravioli by hand. There was a LOT of love that went into the pasta that day.

After all this pasta making, I got a little silly.

It rubbed off on Abi, too.

Look at all of the ravioli! Green ones, white ones, swirled ones! Squares, circles, trapezoids! It was like arts and crafts time on steroids.

Remember these - you might be seeing some of them in Vero Beach in the not-too-distant future!

One of the primary benefits to traveling is learning. Some of the learning is super direct, like standing side by side with an artist like Abi and having him show me how he turns egg and flour into art. Some of it is indirect, like being surrounded by a new language and picking up a few words here and there. And some of it is intangible, like walking streets that have been there for hundreds if not thousands of years, or appreciating the splendor of a sunset over a vineyard, or participating in the customs and traditions of a new family.

Of course you don't have to go to a different continent to learn new things, but it does make it easier. I can't help but be learning every day that I'm here and for that I am incredibly grateful.