Pilgrims and pasta donuts

Thanksgiving - the season of turkey, stuffing, and pasta donuts. It's a little known fact that both the Pilgrims and Native Americans brought pasta donuts to the first Thanksgiving back in 1621.

Ok, not really.

Pasta donuts may not be part of a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but from now on they will definitely be a part of any Friendsgiving meal attended by Garden of Esther.

Vero Beach fresh pasta
We had turkey! Sweet potatoes! Cranberry sauce! And pasta donuts!

You know about Friendsgiving, right? It's not a word you'll find in the dictionary (yet), but it's a get-together with a tableful of friends for a casual Thanksgiving potluck, usually the week before, sometimes the weekend after. Even though Thanksgiving is traditionally a very family holiday, nowadays people are spread far and wide and can't always get together. But no one wants to miss out on a Thanksgiving!

Friendsgiving is also a fun way to try the Thanksgiving food traditions from other households, and has the added bonus of avoiding the drama that often goes along with family get-togethers: belligerent Uncle Harry who's had one too many, cousin Jenna trying to sell you Tupperware, and vacation competition with your competitive brother-in-law (not to mention the minefield that is any political conversation).

It's only been a thing for the last several years but has become super-popular, especially amongst anyone under 40. And why not? It's another way to celebrate some of the original ideas behind the very first Thanksgiving: inclusion, sharing, and making new friends. Friendsgiving is a microcosm of larger community - the local people (and places) that define your day-to-day living. And we're pretty sure you already know how excited Garden of Esther is about living local.

And although most Friendsgivings feature some of the staples - turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie - they also are an ideal setting in which to start new traditions (something you probably don't want to do with great-aunt Gladys at the table because you'd never hear the end of it).

Which brings us to our fresh pasta donuts!

Last week we attended a beautiful Friendsgiving and brought pasta donuts - zucchini-flavored, since that felt more colonial Massachusetts than bacon (and did double duty as a vegetarian dish).

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Silicone donut pans - best invention ever. This is before cooking.

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
And this is after - and they just pop right out.

Friendsgiving is a lovely way to celebrate your "framily" - those people who have come into your life as friends but have become so central that you think of them as family.

So no matter your age or what you do with family, you can start a Friendsgiving tradition of your own. Be impromptu and have it tomorrow, or plan ahead for the weekend after Thanksgiving.

And let us know if you need pasta donuts for YOUR Friendsgiving!!

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Cutesy napkins encouraged but not required

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