Take your parents to work day

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Look at the nice couple in this picture - the two on the left. Turns out, they came all the way from Malaysia to visit Garden of Esther at the Oceanside Vero Beach Farmers Market! I'm not sure we can say they're eating local, but we are impressed they traveled so far.

Ok, you got me - they're my parents. But look how cute they are!

While they have been visiting, my dad has been puttering in my kitchen, just like he did while I was growing up. My dad was always the cook, and having him in my house reminds me that it was his love of noodles that inspired me to start making fresh pasta. Without dad, I'm not sure there'd even be a Garden of Esther!

My mom has been using her talents to help me as much as she can, too. During this visit, she has been re-doing a lot of my first signs. I'm sorely lacking in artistic talents, but this is where my mom shines. She re-lettered my A-frame sign, decorated my new wooded GOE letters, upgraded my flavor signs - really, she's been adding her artistic flair to all things GoE, for which I am immensely grateful. She has taken GoE to the next level.

Family is invaluable to me. They may be half the world away most of the time, but my parents are my biggest fans. Their emotional support may be intangible but it is a huge part of what keeps me going on long days. Entrepreneuring is hard sometimes, but I am lucky to crawl into bed every night knowing that my parents' love is reaching me all the way from Malaysia. Thank you, Mom & Dad!

Mom has made some new signs since this was taken


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