Pasta donuts are a hit!

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

We've been kinda shocked - in a good way - by the popularity of our pasta donuts. Have you tried one yet? We have been making and sharing them as fast as we can. They are a fun potluck party food or for when you're on the go.

We had the chance at a recent Oceanside Vero Beach farmers market to grab photos of some of our favorite fellow vendors chowing down on our pasta donuts. They were all such good sports!

Here's Stephen Maresca of Pepper Trail Farm, our go-to guy when we've needed extra peppers for our pepperoncini pasta. He's already scarfed down most of his pasta donut in this photo.

And here's Britain, from Birdie Hogan farms. If you've ever tried our beet pasta, you've eaten her fresh-from-the-farm beets. (She also does grass-finished beef, which goes very nicely with pasta!)

Larry the Pickle Doctor is a big fan, too! He finds us every week to score one of our pasta donuts. We haven't made a pickle-flavored pasta . . . yet . . . but never say never!

Alex from Pure Produce is a fan of sharing his fresh veggies with the community but became a little possessive about his pasta donut!

Nella at Awaken Kombucha was playing with her pasta donut before eating it. We don't usually condone playing with your pasta prior to eating it but made a well-deserved exception in this case.

What do all of these people have in common? Well, yes, they love our fresh pasta donuts, but they are also all local business men and women. Whether they're selling pickles or produce or kombucha, each of them puts in the time and effort to invest in our Vero Beach community.

Garden of Esther won't be at the last two markets of December, but come January we're back at three area farmers markets: Oceanside Vero Beach (on the 4th), Walking Tree Brewery (on the 5th), and now Downtown Fort Pierce (also on the 4th).

Why not make a New Year's Resolution to become a part of our grassroots efforts? Come to a market, stroll around, meet some vendor-neighbors. Grab a pasta donut from Garden of Esther and then see what else these fine men and women of Vero Beach have to offer you!

(And if you can't wait that long, you can always order some online!)

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