Pasta and diabetes CAN go together

If you've had diabetes for awhile, you've probably heard that eating pasta is a bad idea. Here at Garden of Esther, we are pasta makers and garden growers, not doctors, but we wanted to share with you some information that we think diabetic pasta lovers will be happy to hear.

Yes, eating mounds of white pasta is not recommended for people with diabetes - all those carbs can wreak havoc, so avoiding the "all you can eat pasta" dish at commercial chains is definitely the healthy choice.

But there are ways you CAN join the family for a pasta dinner. Here's how:

1. DON'T eat pounds and pounds of pasta. Pasta is meant to be a side dish, not an entree. Paired with a nice big salad and a small, lean protein, pasta can definitely join you for dinner.

2. DON'T drown it in some sugary, salt-laden sauce. Many sauces that come out of jars (or restaurants) have gobs of sugar in them. If you can't find one that doesn't, make your own. Canned tomatoes - whole, diced, or crushed - simmered with olive oil, garlic, and oregano or basil makes a fantastic sauce with no added salt or sugar necessary. And it can be ready in about the same time it takes to boil the pasta water.

3. DO eat whole grain pasta. With one exception, all Garden of Esther pasta is made with 100% whole grain semolina. White flour is nowhere to be found in our kitchen. Whole grains are better for everyone but are particularly important for those with diabetes.

4. That one exception we mentioned in #3 is our gluten-free fusilli . . . and it might be even better for you than our regular pasta. Made with chickpea flour, it is low in carbs and high in protein - a perfect match for those watching their sugars.

We started growing and making our own food because we wanted to know what was going into our bodies. Eating healthy does take a little extra work, but without your health, where are you?

Garden of Esther pasta fits into a healthy diet for just about everyone - we should all be following the above advice. But if you have diabetes and have been wary of adding pasta to your plate, you don't have to be. Any GoE pasta you choose is a safe and healthy addition to your meal.

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Whole grain/low carbs in every pasta!

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Technically, our gluten-free fusilli isn't whole "grain" because it's made from chickpea flour, but it IS low in carbs and high in protein

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
The only mystery behind making sauce from scratch is - it's so easy! Why don't we all do it more often?

P.S. Always talk to your doctor about changes in your diet! We provide pasta advice, not medical advice.

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