On a mission to write a mission statement

Usually what I write about is . . . pasta. There's usually something else to go alongside the pasta talk - how a local restaurant has served our fresh pasta, or a push for sustainability, or a recipe shared by a happy fan.

Today I want to get a little philosophical on you and talk about the Garden of Esther mission statement.

Wait, what exactly IS the GoE mission? Well, we don't have one written down - yet.

But in the last month or two, we've really been putting a lot of thought into this. Our first year was very much a nose-to-the-grindstone time. Make the pasta, deliver the pasta, kind of like a hamster on a wheel. Once we got up and running, there wasn't time to have deep thoughts about what our mission was. The day-to-day mission was simply to make the pasta.

But summer in Vero Beach is a slower season, so we've had chance to catch our breath. And we've decided we want to be more of a "grown up" in the business sense and to do that we need an official "mission statement."

It's been much harder than you might think. Of course we are on a mission to make and share fresh pasta with whomever we can, but as we look to the future, we want a mission statement that will shape this (hopefully) growing venture for years to come.

Sustainability is very important to us; I am firm believer that we all have the obligation to steward our little piece of the planet, and if every human did the same, the world would be a better place. I am a believer in kindness and honesty. I really, really want to know what goes into my food, and yours. These are just some of the concepts that we may want to include in our mission statement, but if I added every idea, it would be three pages long.

We have some stuff in the works but aren't quite ready to roll anything out just yet. Publishing what are essentially your core values is a big step, so I'm going to let it all simmer in the back of my mind while in Italy. Travel has a way of putting your regular life in perspective and might give me the mental space to land on just the right mission statement for Garden of Esther.

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