Now in restaurants, too! Vinz

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

We are so excited to now be on the regular menu at Vinz! That means you can have Garden of Esther pasta, lovingly prepared for you by the wonderful staff at Vinz, nearly every night of the week. Who's in the mood for some spinach linguine?

We are so grateful! Grateful to Vinz for inviting us to be on the menu at their charming wine bar restaurant. Grateful to their customers for taking a chance on a new menu item. Grateful to our customers - whether you've been with us since the very beginning or are a recent convert - for loving our pasta and appreciating all that goes into fresh, local cuisine.

A huge thanks to Vinz for making us welcome here in the Vero Beach local foodie community!

And if you haven't been here yet, you'd better have a good excuse! Be sure to stop by soon. Vinz is located at 4885 Highway A1A in Vero Beach and is open every evening except Sunday. Save us a seat! #vinz

Vero Beach fresh local pasta
See us under "Entree" on the left? So cool!

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