Made to Order - Every Week

We know this is a time of uncertainty around nearly every aspect of life and we are understandably questioning things we never gave a second thought to before. When we at Garden of Esther hear the same questions more than once or twice, we figure a bunch of people are probably wondering the same kinds of things. So here are some fun GoE pasta facts for you!

1. As always, we are making our fresh pasta every single week. Every week, we are in the kitchen mixing new dough and extruding new shapes and flavors.

2. As we always have, we are still using the freshest, most local ingredients possible.

3. As always, we store this fresh pasta in the freezer. We strongly believe our fresh pasta's flavor and texture are best preserved through freezing.

4. We encourage our customers to put their newly-purchase Garden of Esther fresh pasta into their own freezers as soon as reasonably possible after purchase. It will maintain freshness here for at least a month.

5. When you are ready to cook your fresh pasta, take it right from the freezer and place it immediately into the boiling water. We do not encourage defrosting.

6. Will your pasta thaw a bit as it makes its way from our freezer to yours? Yes, probably. But that relatively brief window will not affect the taste, quality, or shelf life of your fresh pasta. We don't want you to leave it in the sun on the dashboard of your car for hours, of course, but you don't need to worry about it as it moves from freezer to cold storage bag to freezer.

We all have a lot to worry about, things big and small, near and far. But one thing we can reassure you about - you're still getting the highest quality, freshest pasta around when you order Garden of Esther pasta. And when you order from us, we are - even more so now than ever - honored to be present at your dinner table.

Vero Beach fresh pasta
Fresh pasta made fresh every week - that's why they each have their own best-by sticker!

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Mixing the dough for pepperoncini pasta - action shot!

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Whether it's a new shape, like this casarece . . .

Vero Beach fresh pasta
Or a time-tested favorite, like this gluten-free fusilli, our fresh pasta is made-to-order, every single week.

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