"Just like an Italian mom"

We're not sure there's any higher praise than having your pasta compared to that made by an Italian mom. Thanks to Natalie Altemus for having left this review on our Facebook page recently:

“Incredible Pasta -

Having lived in New Jersey, I’ve had some excellent pasta over the years. None compare to Garden of Esther's pasta. All fresh and homemade, just like an Italian mom cooks. The texture, taste and freshness equal a full 5-star experience.

You should try this homemade pasta."

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Our fans make the most fantastic looking dinners with our pasta!

We focus on small batch, high quality pasta making at Garden of Esther. Several times a week you can find our kitchen team slaving away, making and extruding a variety of flavors and shapes for sale not just in Vero Beach but now in other areas along the Treasure Coast as well.

And although we want to grow and expand our reach so that no one along Florida's eastern coast has to go without fresh pasta, we remain committed to staying small in the kitchen and knowing where all our ingredients came from (and who grew them).

Natalie's words really brightened our day; when a stranger tells you you're achieving your goals - quality fresh pasta just like it was originally made at home - it makes all the hard work worth every minute. #testimonial

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