It's hard to catch a ravioli in the wild

If you've been following along at home, you know our story really started over a year ago with us (OK, it was just me, Esther, at first) making fresh pasta from scratch at home, using herbs and veggies from my garden. After living and breathing pasta, pasta, and more pasta for months, I sold my first pasta shapes at the farmers market.

But even before I had the hang of making pasta like spaghetti and penne, I wanted to learn how to make ravioli. Ravioli feels like a higher level of pasta creation - if you can make ravioli, you really know what you're doing.

All that pasta making experience certainly paid off - the raviolis, instead of being an insurmountable obstacle, wound up being an exciting new challenge, one I was better equipped to take on now than I was at the beginning. Ravioli making was fun!

Vincent's has been a kind and generous supporter since the beginning and when they heard ravioli were in the works, they quickly asked for a pretty sizable order. You can't imagine how surprised I was when they told me they sold out of them - all in the first day! Wow! I'm not sure we even got an action shot of those ravioli being served up because they were gone so fast.

Garden of Esther continues to make ravioli and we are trying to get them out into Vero Beach but you might find them to be . . . elusive. Like a rare animal, they are sometimes hard to find but we like to think they are well worth waiting for.

Treasure Coast local fresh pasta
Were you one of the lucky ones who stumbled upon our ravioli at Vincent's? We'd love to hear from you!


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