It's all about the local - part two

Earlier this week, we shared with you not just the "why" behind our efforts to shop local, but the "who" as well. Shopping locally isn't just an amorphous phrase we use because it's trendy - we actually do it. Is it possible to buy 100% of our purchases locally? No. But maybe someday that won't be such an impossibility. For now, we do what we can. Listed below are some more of our favorite local businesses.

Sealantro is an amazing healthy meal preparation service owned by a dear friend and her husband - Jayne Withers and Michael Clifford, Jr. Who doesn't want to eat healthier? But who has time to cook? Jayne and Michael, a nutritionist and chef duo, have solved the everyday struggle around what to have for dinner. Better yet, they create a menu for every eating plan there is - vegan, keto, and paleo as well as tailored around any allergies. They have a cafe and pick up location in McKee Botanical Garden and are opening a second location this month.

Do they often include Garden of Esther fresh pasta in their menus? Yes! But that's not why we shop with them. We patronize their business because we feel so lucky to have a service like this right here in Vero Beach! Find them at the Botanical Garden and check for their new storefront on 6th Avenue.

Sealantro's sweet potato lasagna (made with Garden of Esther fresh pasta!)

Take out or eat in? Either way is a win for you!

Sealantro owners Jayne and Michael

Come for an authentic Afternoon Tea - Jayne was born in the UK.

Rhonda's Fresh Seafood Market is another local food purveyor we love and shop from. She also stocks GoE pasta, but what really calls to us every time we come here are the stone crab claws. (Fun fact: stone crab claws are not only a local species, but they are harvested sustainably - fisherman only remove one claw and then throw the crab back so it can regrow its leg and continue living.) Not only is the terrific variety of seafood fresh and local, so is Rhonda - she's a third generation Vero Beach fishmonger. She's at 29 Royal Palm Pointe.

Stone crab from Rhonda - hello, dinner!

When I'm not eating fresh pasta, I'm eating seafood.

There's Rhonda, on the right!

Another vendor you've heard us talk about before is Carmine & Lucia's Fine Olive Oils & Balsamics. Their infused and flavored olive oils are always on the go in my kitchen. They pair fabulously with our pasta, of course, but also with just about anything else you're cooking for dinner. It's amazing that such a simple concept can have such a wonderful impact on your food - it makes you feel like a gourmet chef. Owner Dana came to Vero Beach to spend time with her retired dad and loved it so much she stayed and opened a business. Go check out her store at 1916 14th Avenue.

Carmine & Lucia's olive oils - delicious, healthy, easy, goes with our pasta, and local. What else could you ask for?

We promise Dana doesn't look this blurry in person but we wanted you to see who she is!

Tea and Chi is a new friend to us and we are so glad to have found them. Just walking in here is relaxing and I love that the owner used to be a marine biologist but followed a passion for tea that resulted in Vero Beach having this gem right in the middle of downtown. So many teas to choose from, plus a tranquil setting and a variety of tea accessories to choose from. Whether you want to spoil someone else with a beautiful gift or yourself with a stash of actual tea not from a bag in the supermarket (hmmm, kind of like fresh pasta versus boxed, right?), this is the place to go. 2044 14th Avenue.

All I need is a moment to sit and sip from my new tea stash - just bought this the other day.

Tea and Chi owner Maria. Go talk to her about tea, over a cup of tea - you'll be glad you did.

And I've got one more for you today - Silky Hands Happy Feet is a skincare line full of scrubs and masks and balms and more in every flavor under the sun. Owner Marion even has a line of beard care for that man in your life who needs help in that department. Like many local vendors, the best place to find her is at the Oceanside Vero Beach Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

I bought this as a gift for a friend. Sshhh, don't tell her . . .

Silky Hands Happy Feet at the farmers market

It's that time of year when we're all spending money like mad. Let's spend it so it stays right here in Vero. All of these business owners are actual local people, not faceless, distant corporations. They live here, play here, have family here, and are hyper-committed to the community. Take the extra few minutes and go visit them. You'll be so glad you did.

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