Inching back to normal - eating out at Cobalt

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Our world is slowly opening back up and one of our favorite restaurants is leading the charge - Cobalt.

And you'll never guess who was on their Specials Menu this week!

Garden of Esther was so grateful to once again supply them with fresh pasta - it was the kind of thing that highlighted that a return to normal was underway, making it an extra-special delivery.

Our tomato-garlic linguine was part of the featured entree this week. Chef paired it with blistered tomatoes, mushrooms, wilted arugula, and the Cobalt house pesto, providing layers of subtle flavors that were a wonderful match for our pasta.

We were planning to sample it ourselves at the end of this week but we just learned that they've already run out! That's the perfect kind of goodnews/badnews for Garden of Esther.

A friend sent us this photo - she knew we'd be excited to see our name on the menu!

These last months have been exceptionally challenging for restaurants. Seemingly overnight they had to close their doors and figure out all that went with that. What about their employees? The ingredients in house or already ordered? Paying the rent? Pivoting to take-out? All while worrying about the health and safety of their loved ones.

As restaurants re-open, let's do all we can to support them. Continue to order take-out. Tip generously if you're able. And as soon as you're comfortable, head back into the world and dine in at your favorite restaurants.

If you're wondering what dining in looks like at Cobalt, they have an entire page of their website now devoted to exactly that. Anything you would want to know about eating there or grabbing take-out is all right here. And yes, they are taking reservations!

Remember, if we want these unique and charming eateries to be here for us in the future, we need to be here for them today.

P.S. We can't tell you to go get some Garden of Esther fresh pasta from Cobalt this week - sold out! - so instead we'll remind you it's still available via Farmers Market Drop Off and Treasure Coast Harvest.


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