Recipe - Esther's spaghetti carbonara

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

When I'm not making pasta for the market, or visiting markets, or meeting fellow vendors, or doing any of the 479 other things you do in a small business, I like to - surprise! - play in the kitchen. This week I tried out a new pasta recipe, starting with a gluten-free spaghetti (coming soon, I promise!).

A twist on spaghetti carbonara

This is my version of spaghetti alla carbonara: a gluten-free/chickpea spaghetti plus smoked sausage instead of bacon. HIGH protein, LOW carbs, and it tasted pretty awesome, too, if I do say so myself. Keep your eyes open - I'm hoping to get this new fresh pasta to market soon!

As always, we appreciate your support as we bring new fresh pasta varieties to Vero Beach local farmers markets. And if you've been playing in your kitchen, let us know - we love to see and hear what you do with your Garden of Esther pasta!

Bringing the garden to you . . . pasta-style!

In and around Vero Beach, Florida

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