Recipe - garlic basil linguine with sauteed broccoli rabe

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

There's nothing I like more than hearing how a Garden of Esther fan prepares our pasta at home. The creativity! And when they send me photos, I can't help but share it all with you.

Rosa started with our vegan garlic basil linguine. In a separate pan, she sauteed some broccoli rabe with a little garlic and oil and then pureed it. The puree went back in the pot with the pasta to mix it all together and then she served it topped with a little parmesan cheese. In Rose's words: "Buon Appetito!"

Fresh pasta (vegan or egg-based) rarely needs a complicated, time-consuming preparation. We do the work in our kitchen so you don't have to do much in yours.

Vero Beach fresh vegan pasta
Garlic basil linguine with pureed broccoli rabe - thanks, Rosa!

Vero Beach local fresh vegan pasta
Start with our garlic basil linguine . . .

Vero Beach fresh pasta recipe
Add just a few more ingredients from your pantry . . .

Vero Beach fresh vegan pasta recipe
Broccoli rabe sauteed with garlic and oil . . .

Vero Beach fresh local pasta
And shared on Facebook so we can all try it at home!

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