Have you met Zesty Fox Farm?

Zesty Fox Farm is your local grower of microgreens!

Do you know what microgreens are? As the name implies, they are the tiny, newly-sprouted versions of well known leafy greens and vegetables.

All of the vegetables you find in your backyard garden or lunchtime salad got their start as seedlings. Eventually those seedlings grow larger and generate lettuces as well as flowers or vegetables.

But what if you harvested them before they became "adult sized?" What if you collected the little green leaves from a broccoli plant, or a radish plant, before those "fruits" appeared?

You'd have microgreens!

Microgreens are jam-packed with nutrition, much more so than their more mature selves. And they are so versatile - you can drop a handful in a salad, on a sandwich, even in an omelette or a juicer - that they are easily incorporated into any diet.

You can get your hands on this health bonanza at the same time you are ordering your Garden of Esther fresh pasta - through the newly-created Farmers Market Drop Off.

Many of the vendors you usually find at the Oceanside Vero Beach Farmers Market are making it easier than ever to get their products to you. The Farmers Market Drop Off website allows you to order and pay ahead of time and have everything brought to your doorstep. They'll even leave it in your cooler if you're trying to avoid contact with the world.

Garden of Esther is very happy to be part of the Farmers Market Drop Off effort and you can find a selection of our pastas available on the website. Check back each week to see what pasta is on the menu.

But we also wanted to make sure you know about the other vendors who are participating, too, which is why we will be making a point of introducing you to as many of them as we can in the coming weeks.

If you are intrigued by the idea of microgreens - or if you are already a fan - you should know that you can get them delivered right to you from Zesty Fox Farm and Farmers Market Drop Off.

In 5-10 minutes of online shopping, you can create meals for your entire week. Simply place your order each week by 6pm Thursday and it will all be delivered to your front door on Saturday between 10am and 2pm. If you do all of this while wearing pajamas, we won't tell a soul.

And remember - shopping with your local vendors, makers, and farmers now is one of the best ways to help your local business community remain vibrant. Everyone needs food and your local entrepreneurs make and deliver food - so we all win! All of your order dollars go to the vendors and the entire delivery charge goes to your driver. This is a shining example of neighbors taking care of neighbors.

Farmers Market Drop Off

Order by 6pm Thursday

Saturday deliveries

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