GoE coming to a new location - Downtown Fort Pierce Farmers Market

Garden of Esther is thrilled to announce that we will be joining the Downtown Fort Pierce Farmers Market! Starting in January of 2020, you will find us here every Saturday morning from 8am - Noon with our array of traditional, vegan, and gluten-free fresh pastas.

Only a few miles down the road from Vero Beach, the Downtown Fort Pierce Farmers Market is the longest running market of its kind in Florida. Since 1997 - before farmers markets were really even a thing - Fort Pierce has been providing its community a place for local vendors to share their homegrown and homemade wares, from produce to baked goods to arts and crafts and more.

If you have never been, you should plan a visit right now. This market is routinely voted #1 on a variety of Best of Florida lists and is an experience not to be missed. You get live music, drinks and snacks you can eat while strolling around, and a top-notch line-up of vendors. And it all comes with the good feels you get knowing you're money is staying right here in Florida and going to a neighbor's business venture.

Locally grown fruits and veggies - check. Delicious prepared foods - check. Seafood, coffee, tea, doughnuts, honey, baked goods, bath and body products, Greek food, Mexican food, and even doggie snacks - it's all here.

The market is right along the water and there's plenty of free and nearby parking. Dust off those walking shoes and come visit Garden of Esther at our new location at the Downtown Fort Pierce Farmers Market!

Downtown Fort Pierce Farmers Market

101 Melody Lane

Fort Pierce, FL 34950

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
This market is a Florida favorite!

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
You're missing out if you haven't visited this super-popular spot!

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
The Garden of Esther booth will look a lot like this

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Truer words were never spoken

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