Go ahead. Eat the pasta. It's good for you.

Sometimes it seems like every week a new study is released telling us what is or isn't good for us, only to be refuted six months later.

Eat eggs! Don't eat eggs! Eat eggs!

Eat low fat! Don't eat low fat!

Eat this! Don't eat that!

Maybe we should all just eat ice cream sundaes for breakfast.

But one misconception that we feel compelled to correct is around pasta.

Pasta has a bad rap. In a nutshell, people think eating pasta makes you fat. It's "loaded with carbs," everyone worries, and carbs "make you gain weight."

The latest science says that's simply not true. The reality is more complicated than that.

Eating an appropriate-sized portion of pasta (especially whole grain pasta), alongside a medley of vegetables and protein, is not going to make you gain weight.

If you routinely eat half a pound of pasta that's doused with a heavy cheese and cream based sauce, alongside a lonely wedge of iceberg lettuce and half a dozen giant meatballs, you will probably not be looking your best come bikini season.

Your body burns calories for fuel. Gram for gram, carbohydrates provide the same amount of calories as protein. (Fats provide more than double the calories per gram.)

Carbs are not the enemy - it's how much of them we eat and how we often pair them up with fats.

As a bonus, pasta - particularly whole grain pasta - has a low "glycemic index." The lower a food's GI, the longer it takes to digest, and therefore the longer you feel full.

Let's say you have a choice between 200 calories of whole grain pasta or 200 calories of a candy bar. They may have the same number of calories, but the candy bar has a much higher GI, which means you'll be wandering back through the kitchen feeling hungry way sooner after eating that candy bar than if you'd chosen the pasta.

Garden of Esther fresh pasta is whole grain, with many of our flavors infused with greens and other vegetables. Combine a fistful of our cooked pasta with a bit of protein and fill the rest of your plate with veggies. Throw in a little exercise and you'll be ready for that bikini.

So go ahead. Eat the pasta. It's good for you.

P.S. You know we're not doctors or nutritionists, right? Use your own common sense and ask a medical professional - don't rely on a blog!

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Pasta alla crudaiola = pasta with fresh and raw accompaniments

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Plain penne plus spinach penne medley - one of our Christmas specials

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Valentine's Day Beet Penne at Vincent's

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