Recipe - garlic basil linguine with spicy Italian sausage in a vodka tomato cream sauce

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

I love finding new ways to prepare and serve my pasta, but I especially love when a customer shares what they've done with it. Shout-out to Colleen Jordan Chumbley for her kind words and terrific recipe. This is from her recent Facebook post:

"On the weekends we usually have linner - a combination of lunch and dinner. I had some garlic basil linguine which we always love. I knew I had some hot spicy Italian sausage, too, so I decided to make a spicy Italian sausage with a vodka-tomato cream sauce. It was delicious! The garlic basil pasta worked extremely well with the sauce and the spicy sausage, too - so much so that my DH had 2 servings lol. Thanks, Esther Chin, for always having such wonderful pasta!"

And look at that presentation! So pretty.

Garlic basil linguine with spicy Italian sausage in a vodka-tomato cream sauce


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