Garden of Esther makes a new friend - Ecotone Farm

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

We LOVE when we have the chance to create new relationships with like-minded community members! Ecotone Farm is our newest friend and we're very excited to be working with them.

Ecotone Farm is a family-owned hydroponic farm in the nearby farming community of Fellsmere. They opened their doors in 2012 with a focus on lettuces and have since expanded to include a variety of other leafy greens as well as peppers and tomatoes and occasionally some other, less common crops, like hops.

Garden of Esther has recently begun sourcing both basil and spinach from Ecotone Farm. With thousands of feet of greenhouses, they can produce lettuces and the like practically all year round - which I cannot do in my own backyard garden.

Ecotone Farm is an excellent match for GoE because they are extremely committed to sustainable growing practices. Hydroponics uses only a nutrient-dense solution for growing - no soil! - and can be easier on the environment than traditional growing (and is often more productive). In addition, Ecotone grows all of its crops GMO-free and pesticide-free - woo-hoo!

You will find their lettuces and leafy greens on the tables of many local country clubs and restaurants, including Citrus Grill - where you can also find Garden of Esther fresh pasta! In addition to their wholesale connections, you can also buy from them directly at their onsite market every Saturday morning.

We can't say this often enough - local businesses with a commitment to sustainability are the keys to our future. If you can get your lettuces and your fresh pasta from a neighbor, ones invested in the long-term health of our backyards and our community, why would you shop anywhere else?

Ecotone Farm

13945 89th St

Fellsmere, FL


Bringing the garden to you . . . pasta-style!

In and around Vero Beach, Florida

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