Garden of Esther Fresh Pasta and Farmers Market Oceanside Vero Beach - DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

You are at home, advised to limit your contact with the outside world. But everyone has to eat!

The farmers markets are on hold indefinitely. But everyone has to eat!

And you are likely having trouble finding pasta of ANY kind in your grocery store.

There is a solution - and it's called Farmers Market Drop Off.

You can order Garden of Esther fresh pasta - and have it DELIVERED!

Vero Beach fresh pasta
Vegan Curry Tagliatelle - could be on your doorstep this and every Saturday

And it's not just GoE pasta. Many of your other favorite farmers market products are also available. You can even leave a cooler out front and your order will be left inside it, if you'd rather not interact with anyone.

How awesome is this?

Vero Beach fresh pasta
Traditional/Egg-based Spaghetti - you could be having this for dinner this weekend

This could not be any easier - or more necessary during these stressful times.

Our local farms and businesses are so reliant on the farmers markets and their cancellation makes it a challenge to stay afloat. And although part of what we love about being small and local is the chance to know each of you personally, right now it's just not feasible to have all that personal contact going on.

Vero Beach fresh pasta
Gluten-free Fusilli - Can you say "Comfort Food"?

The Farmers Market Drop Off is a win for everyone -

You win - you get delicious, healthy, locally-sourced food delivered right to you.

You win - you are doing your part to stay home and social distance.

You win - if you've been worried about going to a grocery store, you don't have to. Our vendors offer a wide array of products and will be adding more every week.

You win - you help the local economy by shoring up the foundations of our local business community, and you win again because your help now means we'll still be here when this is all over.

The driver wins - the $6 flat fee delivery charge goes right to your driver.

Each and every small business you buy from wins - every order is one more brick in the wall that keeps us up and running. We desperately want to remain in business so we can serve you again in person once all of this is over. And 100% of the product price goes to the vendor.

How does it work?

An amazing volunteer has set up a beautiful, very-easy-to-navigate website, which you can find here. There are nearly two dozen vendors currently offering their wares here - and such a variety that you can readily put together plenty of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for your household.

Place your order by 6pm Thursday for a Saturday delivery. Orders placed after 6pm Thursday will be delivered the following Saturday.

You can expect your order to arrive Saturday between 10am and 2pm. Vero Beach only, at least for right now.

This week, Garden of Esther is offering three vegan options - curry tagliatelle, pepperoncini linguine, spirulina rigatoni - as well as egg-based spaghetti and gluten-free fusilli. Check back every week for different selections.

Farmers Market Drop Off - let's keep our local business up and running and let's keep you from going hungry!

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