Garden of Esther coming to The Tides

The Tides has been a fine dining destination in Vero Beach for 20 years and Garden of Esther is delighted to announce that they will now be sharing our fresh pasta with you.

Although right now The Tides is not seating diners because of the coronavirus situation, chef/owner Leanne Kelleher is working harder than ever to ensure the availability of her cuisine.

The Tides is accepting orders for both take-out and delivery. Just give them a call at 772-234-3966. Their ENTIRE menu AND wine list is available! All you have to do is find a fork and seating in your own home.

Online ordering is in the works, too, as well as an Easter Dinner package, so check their website frequently for updates.

The Tides is also trying something else new to help us get through these difficult times. They are establishing a small food market called The Mercantile - and it is now carrying Garden of Esther fresh pasta, just like you'd usually find at the farmers market or other retail locations.

The Mercantile will feature an ever-changing array of seafood, produce, and proteins as well as some prepared items like soups and sides.

They also have an array of shelter-in-place essentials, like spirits, wine, and toilet paper!

We don't want you to go hungry or try to tough it out without your fresh pasta. Garden of Esther remains committed to serving you however long this strange new situation lasts.

And remember - when we help out our local businesses in times of trouble, we help make sure they are still around in times of plenty. The Tides has been in Vero Beach for 20 years - let's do our part to keep their doors open for another 20.

The Tides

3103 Cardinal Drive

Vero Beach, FL


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