Fresh sauce for your fresh pasta! Frik & Frak Artisanal Sauces

Garden of Esther has shared many a successful recipe with you, both our own and those sent in to us by fresh pasta fans. But as fate would have it, those recipes seldom feature . . . spaghetti sauce. (And yes, we're going to call it sauce, not gravy. There are entire corners of the internet dedicated to this debate so we're not going down that rabbit hole here!)

There is nothing intentional about this lack of sauce pairing, and of course we were glad no one was making Garden of Esther fresh pasta and then topping it with Prego - at least no one that was sharing their dinner photos with us.

But for anyone who has been wondering (and we were among those kind of wondering) - what about a red sauce for GoE pasta? - now we have the answer: Frik & Frak Artisanal Sauces.

First ingredient in every jar of Frik & Frak sauce: TOMATOES!

You might think any jarred sauce from the grocery store has tomatoes as the first ingredient, but you'd be wrong. For many, the first ingredient is . . . water!? Blech.

Depending on the specific flavor, Frik & Frak sauces go on to include ingredients like Spanish onions, fresh basil and parsley, and actual olive oil (not vegetable oil).

Better yet, it's not drowning in added sugars and it's not laden with artificial preservatives. In fact, all of the ingredients are things a normal person could actually buy.

Frik & Frak makes the sauce you would make in your own kitchen, if you felt like making sauce. It's real food, made by real people, cooked up in small batches, right here in South Florida.

And this is the way to sauce your Garden of Esther pasta.

To make dinner even easier for you, you can now buy Frik & Frak sauces through Garden of Esther at both Farmers Market Drop Off and Treasure Coast Harvest. Our goal is always to make eating fresh, healthy, and local as easy as possible for you.

Right now, we've got five Frik & Frak sauces available and we're offering seven of our most popular fresh pastas. Do the math and that's literally a different pasta-sauce combo every night of the month! You really can't go wrong.

But if you're wondering - what's the *best* way to combine all these fresh pastas and artisanal sauces, we've listed them below in pictures.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay local.

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