Fire and Wine and GoE Pasta - "Unbelievably Delicious"

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Garden of Esther is dining out and so are the people of Vero Beach!

And we are not shy about admitting that we LOVE it when you talk about us on Facebook and Instagram.

That's what Jessica Kennedy did recently after a visit to Fire and Wine. Our thanks to her for sharing such kind words and the photo below on the Vero Beach Foodie Facebook page:

"Unbelievably delicious . . . Some of the best food I've had in Vero. HIGHLY recommend."

Vero Beach fresh pasta

This was our fresh pappardelle pasta paired with Fire and Wine's Braised Beef Short Rib Stroganoff. Take a minute to think about that - those five words all work together create a mouth-watering, super-enticing vibe, don't they? Our pappardelle was very happy to be cozied up with all that yumminess.

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
There's Garden of Esther on the Fire and Wine menu!

After what sometimes felt like an eternity of eating and cooking at home, it has been crazy-exciting to see some of our favorite restaurants back in action. Right now is a little of the best of both worlds, with many places both open for dining in but also maintaining their newly-created take out options.

Fire and Wine is doing that, too. They're open for dinner, Tuesday through Saturday, with limited seating and reservations recommended. But they're still doing take out, too - and with a 20% discount.

Are you ready for an evening out? Are you ready to sit somewhere other than your own couch or kitchen table? Are you ready to have someone bring the food to you, and then take the dirty dishes away, never to be seen again? (And how about the chance to peruse an entire wine list or cocktail menu?)

Or maybe you're happy on the couch with take out - and that's totally fine, too!

The sun is coming back out on the Vero Beach restaurant scene. Our locally-owned restaurants are a huge part of what makes Vero . . . Vero. Let's keep showing them how much we love them - by being customers. They stay in business, we stay happy and well-fed. Everyone wins!

Fire and Wine

2950 9th Street Southwest

Vero Beach, FL 32968



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