Eat a rainbow . . . of fresh pasta

There are as many definitions of "healthy eating" as there are letters in the alphabet (if not more), but one that we've always been partial to is "eat the rainbow." Simple and straightforward enough that a grade-schooler can understand, it basically means to eat food in a variety of colors. In doing so, you will likely consume a wide variety of nutrients.

In looking back over some of our Garden of Esther pasta photos, we were again struck by the idea of eating the rainbow - but in fresh pastas!

Remember Roy G. Biv from elementary school art class? It's an acronym for the seven colors of the standard rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Let's see if Garden of Esther can get through the rainbow!

Red - These were our beet flavored cuoricini - aka heart shapes - for Valentine's Day. Beets are a super food, chock full of magical health properties.

Orange - Ok, it's more like a burnt sienna than a pumpkin orange, but this pepperoncini tagliatelle gets its rich color, flavor, and nutritional boost from fresh-from-the-garden peppers. (Hmmm, maybe we should try a pumpkin flavored pasta for the fall?)

Yellow - Ooooh, we love this yellow saffron pappardelle. Look how pretty it is! Not only does the saffron impart a deep golden color, it also is believed to have near-magical health benefits, including acting as an aphrodisiac. (Yes, that is a *health* benefit!)

Green - There are quite a few GoE pastas that are green. After all, we got our start by infusing pasta with the herbs and veggies growing in our backyard garden - basil, spinach, and cilantro at first. Now one of our favorite greens come from spirulina; here's a shot of our most recent spirulina rigatoni from earlier this month. Like many other GoE flavors, this one is also super-healthy.

Blue - We didn't even take this photo but love it! This is our vivid blue butterfly pea powder conchiglia. Butterfly pea powder is a common ingredient in many Southeast Asian dishes and, like its other GoE pasta counterparts, yet another ingredient respected for its natural health benefits.

Indigo - Our indigo is brought to you courtesy of squid ink! This super deep indigo is almost black and gives an enormous depth of color as well as flavor. For people accustomed to seeing pasta only in its natural ivory state, squid ink pasta is a show-stopper on the plate. Is it healthy? You betcha.

Violet - The last arc of our rainbow brings us back to beets; these are beet penne. But wait, you say, you already showed us beets for red! Yes, we showed you our red beet cuoricini to start off our rainbow.

Red and violet are similar colors of course, but this overlap demonstrates a more important principle behind our food. Small-batch, handmade food, made with freshly grown ingredients, is NOT going to look the same every single time. Maybe we used two slightly different varieties of beet. Certainly they were beets grown at different times of the year, in slightly different soil, one with more or less rain, or fewer sunny days, etc. REAL food is not produced en masse on an assembly line (sorry, Oreos).

Of course a healthy diet consists of more than just pasta, even our fresh pasta full of fresh veggies and herbs. We don't mean to suggest otherwise.

But as we eat the rainbow, we thought it would be fun to show you a rainbow of fresh pasta!

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