Dorian descends

My bags are packed for a long-awaited and long-planned trip to Italy. We were supposed to leave Monday, from Miami.

We found out last night that our flight has already been cancelled/postponed - we won't leave until Friday. That's four days shaved off of our trip by weather.

You'll be shocked, I'm sure, to hear that I am a planner, so we have a pretty set itinerary. It's not like I go to Europe all the time and can "afford" to go where the spirit moves me. What if I'm never in Italy again? I want to make the most of my time there and that means having a plan.

Which is great until Mother Nature steps in!

Frustrating! But we are trying to be philosophical about it. With mixed results.

On the one hand, I want to spend a minute or two stomping my feet like a cranky toddler because I am so excited to see Italy and want to go right now.

On the other hand, I realize that I am lucky in so many ways and this is just a blip. I have my own health and that of family and friends and a new business that is going well and any time spent traveling is better than no time spent traveling. Hurricanes can be deadly and wreak cataclysmic damage and more important than my travel is the physical safety of my fellow Floridians.

So we make the best of it.

We decided to throw a little hurricane party, which I stocked with groceries from local stores. In the coming days we will all need to band together as neighbors - this is not the time to abandon our local businesses in our frenzy.

Have you been to A Butcher Shoppe and a Bit More yet? They weren't letting Dorian get in the way of providing phenomenal cuts of beef to Vero Beach. They are the only full service butcher in town and they know their stuff.

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Such a stunning selection - even vegans might be tempted

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Trying to take the sting out of the hurricane - talk about comfort food!

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
High quality beef you will not find in a grocery store

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
A terrific old-fashioned butcher - they've got you covered

So we are re-formulating our plan. We are hunkering down, battening our hatches, and hoping you and yours stay safe in the coming days. When Dorian has done her thing, we'll all be back out, lending a helping hand. Because that's what neighbors do, with or without a hurricane on the schedule.

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