Did we mention how good the food was at Vincent's Esperienza Gastronomica?

It all started with the ceviche . . .

Which led to the stuffed jumbo shrimp over polenta.

The insalata provided a crisp interlude before we moved on to the . . .

Garden of Esther penne served with wild mushrooms and a creamy white wine sauce. Our pasta was thrilled to be all dressed up for an evening out, looking and tasting fancy and delish!

But the evening was far from over! Next up was the bacon-wrapped filet topped with local veggies.

And we wrapped up the night with a strawberry cake with a Ghiradelli mousse.

You've never seen a happier crowd of foodies! Huge thanks to Vero Beach Foodie and Vincent's for showcasing so many locally-sourced gourmet-quality goodies. Garden of Esther was honored to be included!

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