Definitely on Santa's "Nice" list

Travis Beckett of Wild Thyme Catering is a Treasure Coast local through and through. Born and raised on Florida's Atlantic coast, he steadily worked his way north until settling here in Vero Beach. He's been here for high school, college, and alllll the hurricanes and almost-hurricanes.

Travis started Wild Thyme Catering with a commitment to providing fresh, delicious food at a reasonable price and catered exactly to you and your needs. Every wedding or event they do is unique and fun and the food is always delectable. This dedication to going above and beyond for his customers created a wave of success for Wild Thyme.

But he has not been sitting at home, coasting on this success. From the beginning, Travis has made a point of donating to local non-profits. Since opening their doors in 2011, Wild Thyme has donated tens of thousands of dollars in food, prepared meals, and in-kind staffing to a long list of local charities: The Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County, Habitat for Humanity, The Veterans County of Indian River County, the VNA, and many more.

Like many local entrepreneurs, Travis holds to the belief that a rising tide raises all boats - his continued business success is reliant on the well-being of the entire community. It not only feels good and right to help others, but it makes good business sense, too - everybody wins.

Married in 2018, Travis's wife, Maria, works side by side with him in the kitchen and out at events. You'll now find both of them wearing wide smiles and bearing trays of beautiful and mouth-watering apps, dinners, and desserts.

Garden of Esther has been the grateful and happy recipient of loads of advice and support from Travis. We've also been privileged to work together at events like Harvesting for Education (for the Education Foundation of Indian River County) and Vero's Top Chef Finale benefiting the Hope for Families Center.

Sometimes people throw around expressions like "pillar of the community" indiscriminately, but Travis Beckett is the real thing. Next time you need a caterer, look him up - a good man who makes good food and does good things.

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