Benvenuti a Venezia!

Would our arrival have felt to special had we not been delayed by Dorian? We'll never know but I've never been so happy to get somewhere! I've already taken a million pictures and eaten a what feels like a few dozen meals and I am entirely in love with Italy.

Vero Beach fresh pasta
We made it! And finally eating pasta IN Italy!

Vero Beach fresh pasta
Ohhh, squid ink pasta! Fabulous.

We did a bunch of sight-seeing, of course. The canal is just as you'd expect - big, busy, and beautiful. The gondoliers actually wear those blue and white striped shirts! And we made a stop at Piazza San Marco, too.

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
This is "the" square of Venice. The basilica in the background was breathtaking.

Vero Beach fresh pasta
Carbonara pasta with zucchini and truffles at Osteria Enoteca San Marco. Mind-blowingly delicious!

Like many vacations, every day is a "struggle" to decide what to eat and what to see. We've only been here a few days, but so far I haven't made any bad choices! Around every corner is an architectural wonder and even the most modest street vendor is selling mouth-watering snacks at every hour of the day.

I'm trying hard to soak it all in, to be fully present in each moment here, to truly see and appreciate where I am.

I'm also feeling totally inspired by the food in general, and the pasta in particular, which is giving me all sorts of Garden of Esther ideas for the fall!

But as we wrapped up our first (very) full day in Venice, our nighttime dessert stop was so delicious that it had me toying with the idea of switching from pasta to . . . gelato! What do you think about "Garden of Gelato"??

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
No better way to top off your first day in Venice!

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