Behold! The pasta donut!

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

You've had omelettes. You've had quiche. Maybe you've had frittata.

Now it's time for a pasta donut!

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Bacon pasta donut - a round slice of heaven


Although the pasta donut is, technically, a very recent invention courtesy of Brooklyn, the general concept isn't all that new. For centuries, cooks have stared into their (metaphorical) refrigerators and struggled to come up with ways to use seemingly unrelated ingredients. Originally, all of these were ways to dress up leftovers - our ancestors were much better about letting no food go to waste.

France gave us the omelette - whisk up some eggs, pour them into a pan, sprinkle in some stuff like ham or cheese, fold it in half, and voila! Omelette is ready. France also gave us the quiche - whisk up some eggs, add some creme and maybe bacon or broccoli, pour into into a piecrust and bake it, and voila! Quiche is ready.

An Italian frittata is more like the omelette - whisk up some eggs, stir in some chopped up meat or veggies, pour it into a pan, let it sit there, and once cooked, invert it onto a dish.

The frittata recipe we want to look at is called Frittata di maccheroni alla Napoletana - macaroni frittata from Naples - and it's also often called frittata di spaghetti (and you probably don't need a translation for that, do you?). So those clever people from Naples mix into the eggs some prepared spaghetti, a little cheese, and maybe some bacon or ham. (Why didn't they call it frittata carbonara?)

Now take that frittata mix, set aside your frying pan, and instead pour it into a donut pan!

And there you have a pasta donut!

Why, you might be asking, would you do this?

Because now you have pasta you can eat ON THE GO AND WITH YOUR HANDS - what more could you want from life?

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Zucchini pasta donut - see? they can be healthy!

The pasta donut is a perfect food. It can be breakfast - it has eggs! - but it can also be lunch or dinner. It can be any flavor - just mix in your favorite ingredient to your eggs and spaghetti. It can be vegetarian, or not. It's like that other Italian staple, pizza, but way less messy.

The question isn't why are there pasta donuts. The question is why aren't you eating them at every meal?

Of course, your local neighborhood fresh pasta maker - Garden of Esther! - is here for you in times of food need. You can get your supply of fresh, from-scratch Garden of Esther pasta donuts at the Walking Tree Brewery Farmers Market - every Sunday, Noon - 3pm, 3209 Dodger Rd. Grab a beer and a pasta donut and do your local shopping, supporting the local economy AND having a good time.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

P.S. Don't worry, we're still selling all our fresh pasta, too. But you can't walk around eating that with your hands.

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