Ace! Counter Culture Again "Serving" Lunch and Dinner

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Things are hoppin' this week at Counter Culture in Vero Beach!

Counter Culture is a full service lunch and dinner restaurant nestled amongst the clay courts of The Boulevard Tennis Club, but no knowledge of foot faults or racquets is required - Counter Culture is wide open to the public.

And now you have your choice of menu items which feature Garden of Esther fresh pasta!

There's the spirulina tagliatelle in their delicious and super-healthy Poke Tuna Bowl:

Treasure Coast fresh pasta

We feel healthier just looking at this dish.

treasure coast fresh pasta

The spirulina flavor creates a beautiful blue-green color that reminds us of the sea, so how appropriate that Counter Culture has paired it with tuna.

vero beach fresh pasta

Or maybe you're in the mood for one of their regular menu selections. How about Al's Red Chili Shrimp Pasta, served with Garden of Esther fresh pasta? Sometimes it's made with our linguine, sometimes with our spirulina tagliatelle, but it will be fantastic all the time.

treasure coast fresh pasta

treasure coast fresh pasta

And if that isn't enough options, you'll also find our fresh pasta in the Teriyaki Quinoa Broccoli Bowl!

Counter Culture and Garden of Esther are a terrific pair - drop by and see for yourself.

Truly committed to healthy eating, Counter Culture has a menu full of fresh vegetables and organic choices, all of it mouth-wateringly delicious and presented with love. If you haven't tried them, you should - your body will thank you for it.

Open Monday through Friday

11am - 2pm


Monday through Thursday

5pm - 8pm

Bar open 'til 9pm

1620 Blvd Village Lane

Vero Beach, FL 32967



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