Vinz - When your neighborhood wine bar has fantastic food, too

Vinz in Vero is a true gem. They have a little bit of everything you want - the neighborhood feel, food for every taste or diet, and a wine list as long as you are tall.

A few times a week they have live music - usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - which is perfect for when you're looking for to liven up your evening. The remaining nights are quieter, ideal for conversation with old friends or for making new ones.

If you find yourself there and hungry, might we be so bold as to suggest you check the specials menu for Garden of Esther fresh pasta?

Below is what Vinz has done most recently - a delicious take on zuppa di pesce. Look at all that fresh, right out of our ocean shellfish! Mussels, scallops, shrimp, and lobster all laid atop a bed of our fresh spinach linguine. You cannot get any more local than this!

Why even go fishing or try to make your own pasta when you can zip over to Vinz and have them put this in front of you (along with a lovely glass of wine)?

And talk about healthy - we guarantee you can run a marathon after eating this.*

So the next time you and your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/BFF are looking at each other at dinner time and saying - what should we do tonight? - hop over to Vinz. You'll be glad you did.

Summer hours are Monday thru Friday for dinner, but since we are in low season, give them a ring before you head over to confirm they aren't away on a well-deserved vacation.

4885 Highway A1A

Vero Beach, 32963



*But only if you were able to before you ate this.

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Hmm, should I start with the shrimp or the lobster?

Treasure Coast fresh pasta
Pasta, of course! Gotta start with the pasta!

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