95!! Over 95 Meals in the first month of Feed a Neighbor! Thank you!

Updated: Jul 28


People donated 95 meals through Feed a Neighbor in its very first month!


Cleveland Clinic IRC. Treasure Coast Food Bank. Camp Haven. HOPE for Families Center. Treasure Coast Compassionate Care.

So many people stepped up and EVERY one of our recipient organizations was given meals.

Some people made large donations. Some made small ones. Together, we fed nearly 100 people this month.

That's pretty amazing, especially for the very first month of operation.

We cannot say thank you enough to everyone who donated money and helped make this happen. We are thrilled to be able to create meals for those who are in need and we would not be able to do so without our kindhearted donors.

At Garden of Esther, we love making fresh pasta. There's no surprise there. But making pasta knowing it had been gifted by a generous donor and was headed to the plate of a person who really, really needed it - that was a whole other level of warm fuzzies for us.

Can we keep this going? Please?

Can you donate to Feed a Neighbor? Can you help us help others in need?

Feed a Neighbor may have been born during the coronavirus pandemic, but it is our hope, our intention, that this is something we will continue to do. Forever. (Heck, if only we'd thought of it sooner!)

Giving like this feels fantastic. Let's keep this going. You donate the cash. We do the cooking and delivering. Click over to Feed a Neighbor.

And if you're still on the fence about it, take a scroll through our gallery of donations below. See it in action!

This is where it began. This was our first batch of spaghetti for Feed a Neighbor.

Spaghetti Puttanesca for Cleveland Clinic - our first recipient

Nella from Awaken Kombucha with our first delivery to Cleveland Clinic

Treasure Coast Food Bank was another happy recipient

So grateful to be able to deliver to Treasure Coast Food Bank

Kombucha is available as an add-on for all our Feed a Neighbor meals

These meals were on their way to Treasure Coast Compassionate Care

And you can see where these went - The HOPE for Families Center

We also delivered to Camp Haven

A peek inside the Camp Haven delivery

Jayne of SeaLantro and I headed out with a Feed a Neighbor delivery

Another delivery to Cleveland Clinic

Feed a Neighbor - Spaghetti with a choice of Puttanesca, Ragu' alla Bolognese, or Chicken alla Cacciatora



Bringing the garden to you . . . pasta-style!

In and around Vero Beach, Florida

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