1,000 Facebook likes!!

You guys really know how to send a girl off on a (Dorian-delayed) vacation - yesterday the Garden of Esther Facebook page hit 1000 likes! All I can say is - THANK YOU!

It's been just over a year for Garden of Esther and I'm blown away happy. You never know how life will unfold. You can hope that hard work, determination, and the kindness of others will come to fruition, but there are no guarantees.

All of your likes truly validate my entire business premise: healthy, fresh pasta, made with local ingredients, produced with a commitment to sustainability. I'm clearly not the only person to whom these values are important - there are at least 999 others who agree with me! That is heartwarming, wonderful, and gives me hope for our future as a species.

As we continue in our second year, we hope to find even more like-minded people and fellow businesses. We are thrilled to know that we are surrounded by others committed to shopping, playing, and living local. None of us is alone as we each do our part to steward our neighborhoods and our planet. We are all part of a growing core of residents and visitors intent on the success and sustainable growth of Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast.

Above all, Garden of Esther is humbled by your embrace. We look forward to another year of fresh pasta and connecting with you.

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