Nutrition Facts

We take our health - and yours - seriously at Garden of Esther.  After all, our story began with us toiling in a backyard garden in order to know what was in our food.

Nutrition facts don't tell the whole story about food - where it was made, the congeniality of a shared meal, the peace of mind of knowing what you're eating - but it does give us some data to use when making decisions about what to eat.

If you ever have any questions about the ingredients or preparation of Garden of Esther pasta, please don't hesitate to ask.  If there is one thing we love to talk about, it's food!


Vegan Traditional


Egg-based Traditional

Egg Based.jpg

Gluten Free

Coming soon!

Vegan Spinach

Spinach - V.jpg

Egg-based Saffron


Vegan Saffron

Saffron - Vegan.jpg

Vegan Oregano

Oregano - Vegan.jpg

Vegan Pepperoncini

pepperoncini - vegan.jpg

Vegan Garlic-Basil

Garlic Basil - V.jpg

Vegan Curry

Curry - Vegan.jpg

Vegan Cilantro

Cilantro - Vegan.jpg

Vegan Beet

Beet - Vegan.jpg